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Zia Khan

Technology Advisor & Mentor

  • CEO at Panacloud
  • COO at PIAIC
  • 20+ years of experience in cloud and serverless computing
  • Received Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awards for eight consecutive years
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Zoeb Haidry

Growth Advisor & Mentor

  • Associate Founder Buildplan Management Service
  • Business Transformation
  • Family Business Management
  • Business Growth Leader
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Qasim Shabbir CEO

In 2008, Q-Solutions was formed with the vision to simplify the pre-sale processes and add a customer-centric approach to our solutions. In passing years our customer-centric approach became human-centric. I strongly believe that a strong team and human-centric strategies redefine our success. The ultimate goal is to create a strong team and build a culture around it so that we can deliver superior services and make difference in the world.

Thank you for placing your trust and confidence in Q-Solutions, I'll look forward to building a lasting relationship with many more of you in the future.

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Hatim Dabbawala

Cheif Marketing Officer

  • CEO at Bohra Developer
  • Consulting and building 50+ E-Commerce businesses across the world
  • Extensive experience in Online merchandising domains
  • Online sales and promotions
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Moiz Shabbir

Cheif Technical Officer

  • Development Lead
  • 14 years of experience in multiple Web Languages
  • Blockchain Development
  • Application Architecture