We are shaping and systemizing different technologies to make simplified solutions that can fix Industry specific requirements.


Effortlessly sell, manage, report and grow your retail business in every way with our unmatched cloud-based POS terminal. Lightweight and portable, customize your checkout on your smartphone or tablet wthout any hassle.

Our Cloud-based POS systems are also created to be compatible with a wide range of POS hardware and sometimes tablets such as Apple’s IPad.Thus cloud-based POS also helped expand POS systems to mobile devices, such as tablet computers or smartphones.



Are you a restaurant owner who is searching for efficient, scalable and financially viable solution to monitor, track, and customize your restaurant inventory? Q-Recipe is your premier solution in bringing the digital revolution to you food business.

With Q-Recipe, you can track and manage your inventory all the way from the kitchen to the food delivered at the customers’ doorstep. Whether your restaurant is a small business and or a large franchise with multiple outlets, Q-Recipe is your worthy partner in turning inventory into a breeze.


The heart of every profitable business lies in tracking its products.

A business can see all the small moving parts of its operations, allowing it to make better decisions and investments. Different inventory managers focus on different parts of the supply chain—though small businesses are usually more interested in the ordering and sales end of the chain.

A company’s inventory represents one of its largest investments, along with its workforce and locations.



Are you a promising entrepreneur who needs an e-commerce platform that fits your needs and your budget? We present to you Q-Cart, our custom E-commerce

Q-cart prefers designing your store according to your products and ideas, so that it doesn’t only look attractive but the theme reflects your store. We have been providing companies the best professional eCommerce web design solutions.

CA Office Management

Streamline your business operations and achieve successful bottom lines and happier staff with our smart software for accountants. We provide for chartered accountants to manage their Documents, Work, account, client, employee and communication. Keep an eye on each activity and enjoy greater internal communication, better coordination and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Our technology innovation and ideas ensure that our clients are equipped with the latest technology to meet emerging opportunities and challenges.


Mineral Management Solution

Q-Solutions provide comprehensive and integrated coverage of the logistics and sales processes for mineral processing.Our mineral processing solutions provide a modern distributed control system to help you produce processed minerals in a consistent manner.


We are shaping and systemizing different technologies to make simplified solutions that can fix Industry specific requirements.