Cloud Computing

Q-Solutions is known for providing top-notch cloud based services with an aim to maintain transparency, clarity and confidence to consumers when they choose a cloud computing service provider. We work with top-notch cloud providers who offer a wide range of solutions that are highly scalable and flexible. Depending on the existing IT infrastructure of your business and its other objectives, we will recommend appropriate cloud solutions that will guarantee safe, flexible and scalable solutions and can free your business from the restrictions placed by traditional software.

Why choose us?

At Q-Solutions, we aim to deploy seamless cloud computing services, ensure detailed planning, procurement and migration of cloud solutions as per the technical innovations you prefer. Whatever your main goal is for moving to cloud-based computing, we will design, build and optimize the solution to your necessary requirements.
Get in touch with Q-Solutions today to find out what elements of serverless computing technology are ideal for boosting your business.

What are the Cloud Computing Services we offer?

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS in cloud computing is a service we provide, which deploys software over the internet to businesses who pay via a pay-per-use or subscription model. This solution is valuable for CRM and for applications that require excessive web or mobile access (example - mobile sales management software). A central location manages SaaS, so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance part. For short-term projects, this cloud solution is ideal.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Opting for this service allows you to run your own business applications while we provide you with the cloud computing infrastructure and software framework. The creation of web applications is quick and simple with PaaS, and the platform is flexible and robust enough to support those. In situations where several developers are working on one project, scalable PaaS solutions are ideal. Also, in cases where an existing data source such as a CRM tool needs to be leveraged, PaaS comes in handy.

Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)

This is our pay-as-you-go cloud computing architecture that includes servers, storage and networking on demand. This is the most common model for cloud computing, offering flexible, reliable and scalable cloud solutions ideal for small and medium sized organizations. In order to create a tailor-made cloud infrastructure for your organization, we will closely assess your existing IT solution and identify the following:

  • Data and storage requirements
  • Existing applications and systems
  • Existing applications and systems
  • Processes that need to be carried out
  • Processes that need to be carried out
  • Cloud backup solutions
  • Cloud backup solutions

Our team of cloud consultants will ensure that all your business information is well protected. In case of errors, we guarantee a rapid recovery of the files hosted through our cloud data center.

Cloud Maintenance

We promise to monitor your cloud solution continuously and make sure any IT issues are resolved as fast as possible with minimal downtime for your business.

Our Cloud Computing Partners

Amazon Web Services

AWS cloud computing services are available in 44 different zones, and 16 different locations, which means you can access the server features from wherever you are and there will be no regional boundaries on utilizing the servers. In addition to that, Amazon servers are extremely flexible, boast an impressive disaster recovery system, enhanced security for your virtual organization, and a decentralized backbone for easy access. Auto scaling and elastic load balancing are also two AWS tools that are often highlighted when choosing a cloud computing platform.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Azure provides easy mobility and a reliable consistent platform between on-premise and public Cloud. With Microsoft Azure, you have a broad range of hybrid connections to improve usability and performance. For example: VPNs (virtual private networks), caches, CDNs (content delivery networks) and ExpressRoute connections.
Compared to other cloud service providers, Microsoft has a large number of data centers located across the globe. Azure also provides a combination of IaaS and PaaS services that allows simple virtual machines to be deployed across cloud environments. Security, scalability,flexibility and cost efficiency are a few other reasons why Microsoft Azure should be your chosen cloud solution.

Google Cloud Platform

PayPal, Spotify and Revolut are a few big players that have chosen Google as their serverless computing platform. It is a secure, scalable and reliable solution that helps them with the implementation of new products and features, particularly in terms of speed and frequency. With over 15 years of experience, Google’s security grade is well reputed.
Per second billing facility, big data technology innovations and its strong backbone network are additional convincing features of the Google Cloud platform. Another interesting highlight of the way the company functions is that it runs on 100% renewable energy wherever possible, which means that it requires half the energy of a typical data center.

Why choose us?

There are three main types of cloud environments, which are also known as cloud deployment models. Depending on your business requirements, you can choose to run applications on a public, private or hybrid cloud.

Public Cloud

A public cloud is owned by an outsourced cloud provider, which is accessible to many other businesses on the internet via the pay-per-use model and is a good option for small and medium sized businesses. While this is a more budgeted cloud solution that comes with a quick and easy platform for deploying IT resources, creating and maintaining the cloud resources is coordinated with the cloud provider. Public cloud computing has no geographical restrictions, but may be compromised in terms of security and safety of sensitive data.

Private Cloud

Private cloud solutions are tailor-made and owned by a single business. Access to IT resources on this platform is centralized, thereby offering a more controlled environment. Private cloud computing architecture can be hosted externally or within your organization. Although this is a more costly solution, it is suitable for larger businesses that require high levels of security. Private cloud models also offer your business the autonomy to customize the storage, networking and computing components to match your IT requirements.

Hybrid Cloud

If your business is looking to enjoy the benefits of both private and public cloud deployment models, we can provide a hybrid cloud solution by combining both models. This will result in a more customized IT solution catered to the specific requirements of your business. Hybrid models are also cost effective, highly scalable and flexible, and offer enhanced levels of security for your business.

What are the benefits of Cloud Computing for your Business

  • Affordable, on-demand services that provide secure data and storage solutions, which will greatly improve productivity.
  • Eliminates the need for technological expertise or looking for the right hardware.
  • Your IT solutions will always be physically close to you and are accessible on the move.
  • Increased collaboration between employees and better handling of documents.
  • Cloud technology is flexible and efficient to allow for instant adaptation to meeting high bandwidth demand.
  • In certain industries, the efficient disaster recovery provided by cloud computing is very important.

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Migrating to cloud based services will enhance business performance, reduce costs, free up space for other proactive activities, and will provide peace of mind that your business data and IT infrastructure is safe and secure. Let us help you transition your data to the cloud. Contact Q-Solutions today for professional advice.

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